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Sharpening Device Doner Knifes Zeybek S-120

We proudly present: Zeybek S-120 Automatic Rotary Cutter Sharpening Device. This product provides an excellent solution for sharpening the blades of automatic rotary cutting machines. The Zeybek S-120 is generally compatible with all machines on the market with a diameter of 120 mm. It makes the sharpening process efficient and straightforward, serving as a reliable assistant for your professional or hobby projects.

Technical data shows that the Zeybek S-120 stands out with its compact outer dimensions and lightweight construction. With dimensions of 205 x 180 x 115 mm and weighing only 0.70 kg, this product enhances portability and ease of storage.

The Zeybek S-120 Automatic Rotary Cutter Sharpening Device is a dependable option for sharpening blades to a precise and sharp condition, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.



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